December 31, 2021Sõl Kitchen
2022 Dining Out Trends: Where Healthy Meals Are Still King

If you're dining out in 2022, what can you expect? With the rise of healthy eating and food trends that emphasize natural ingredients, it's safe to say that dining out will be a more wholesome experience. This blog post explores how dining is projected to change by 2022. We'll also show what restaurants are doing now to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to dining out. If dining out in 2022 will be largely influenced by healthy eating, what are restaurants doing to stay on top of the trend? It's not just about offering healthier options. Rather, it's an opportunity for restaurateurs to get creative with their dishes and show off some culinary skills. Here are some of the ways restaurants are making healthy dining out a priority: - Offering more plant-based menu items. Vegan and vegetarian cuisine is becoming increasingly popular, so it's no surprise that restaurants are catering to this trend. Dishes like jackfruit tacos and cauliflower steaks provide diners with healthy and tasty options that don't skimp on flavor. - Incorporating superfoods into their menus. Superfoods have been around for a while now, but they're still going strong in 2022. Restaurants are using ingredients like acai berries, chia seeds, and goji berries to add antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to their dishes. - Serving smaller portions. In an effort to make healthier eating more attainable, restaurants are offering smaller portions of their dishes. This way, diners can still enjoy a flavorful meal without overindulging. - Offering organic and sustainable produce. With the increasing awareness of environmentalism, it's no surprise that organic and sustainably sourced produce is becoming more popular in restaurants. By 2022, dining out will be synonymous with healthy eating and sustainability. So what does this mean for you? If you're looking to make healthier choices when dining out, 2022 is your year! There are plenty of delicious and nutritious options available at restaurants nationwide. And if you're feeling adventurous, why not try something new from the menu? Superfoods might just become your new favorite ingredient and we've got loads of them at Sol Kitchen! 

Why It Matters That Dining Out is Getting Healthier

Restaurants have typically been known to offer saltier and fattier versions of foods that people cook at home. That's all about to change. Now, restaurants understand the importance of delivering the healthy foods that people have at home, in the restaurant setting with the right ambience, and at a high quality. This will continue in 2022 and beyond because it's not just about healthy dining out. This is also about how to make dining out more sustainable, especially as the world population continues to grow. Restaurants in countries as diverse as China and the United States are already increasingly aware of this trend, with many restaurants in China taking steps to offer sustainable dining options. China has become a leader when it comes to implementing environmentally-friendly practices in dining out. While their efforts have been focused on recycling and reducing carbon emissions, there's also potential for them to implement more sustainable farming techniques so that they can keep providing healthy food at an affordable price point. We always love to see new people! Stop on by or order online! 

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