May 3, 2022Sõl Kitchen
Product Spotlight: Collective Arts Brewing

If you're looking for delicious craft beer made with passion and care, look no further than Collective Arts Brewing. They may only have breweries located in Toronto and Hamilton at the moment, but they're quickly gaining a reputation for making some of the best beer in Canada.  However, their quality beer isn't the only thing that makes them stand out from the competition. What makes this company so special is that it was founded on creativity and community, and you can actually see this in their product line. Each label features limited-edition works of art from artists around the world, and they do their best to reflect the diverse and creative nature of these artists in the beer itself. How many breweries do you see doing THAT these days? Let's take a closer look at what Collective Arts Brewing has to offer in this week's product spotlight!

Ransack the Universe IPA

This is a New England-style IPA that's light, fruity, and perfect for summertime drinking. It's brewed with Galaxy, Citra, and Mosaic hops, giving it a unique flavour that's both citrusy and slightly sweet. If you're looking for an IPA that's a little different from the rest, this is the one for you! The artist currently featured on the label is Andrew Patterson, a Toronto-based artist and designer. His work often focuses on the unique perspective that comes along with  a mixed-race identity.

Mai Tai Sour

If you love a good Mai Tai cocktail, then this is the beer for you! It's brewed with curaçao orange peel, lime juice, and real orgeat syrup, and made with Vic Secret, Strata, and Galaxy Hops. This makes for a fruity beer with a spice and almond background, perfect for a hot summer's day by the pool! The Mai Tai Sour label currently features the work of Yanick Nolet, a native of Trois-Rivières in Quebec. He creates graphics for a variety of skateboard companies, and is no stranger to a skateboard himself!

Lemon Blueberry Sumac Sparkling Hard Lemonade

If beer's not your thing, then you may want to go for one of Collective Arts Brewing's spirit-based drinks! This one in particular is a sparkling hard lemonade made with blueberry and sumac berries, which complement the lemon flavour nicely. It's perfect for those who want something refreshing and light, but still want to get a little buzz going. At the moment, the label features the work of Rosanna Rose, a designer originally from the Scottish Highlands. She likes to play with vibrant colour and organic shapes, which you can see reflected in this label.

Pick One Up Today!

If you're looking for a craft brewery that's doing things a little differently, Collective Arts Brewing is definitely one to check out. Their commitment to creativity and community is evident in everything they do, from the beer they brew to the artwork on their labels. So next time you see their products for sale, be sure to pick one up and support a company that's doing things right! Cheers! Why not try a Collective Arts Brewing beverage with a good meal? We’ve got both here at Sõl Kitchen! Take a look at our menu here.

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