January 31, 2023Sõl Kitchen
6 Reasons to Stop Eating Junk Food

Are you a junk food fanatic? If so, you're not alone - many people are, and it's totally understandable. After all, most junk food tastes great! And every once in a while, it can be alright to indulge in a treat. However when consumed regularly, junk food can wreak havoc on your health. Here are six reasons why you should stop eating junk food.  

1) Junk Food Contains Empty Calories

When something contains empty calories, it means that it has no nutritional value. In other words, you're eating calories without getting any of the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy. Junk food tends to be particularly high in empty calories because it is full of sugar, fat and processed carbohydrates. These are calorie rich but nutrient poor - meaning that you may feel full and satisfied after eating it, but your body won't be getting anything of value.  

2) It Has High Levels of Added Sugars

Added sugars are a particularly unhealthy ingredient that can be found in many junk foods. In fact, high levels of added sugars have been linked to an increased risk for obesity, diabetes and heart disease. They can even cause spikes in your blood sugar levels, and leave you feeling tired and fatigued after eating.  

3) Junk Food Contains Trans Fats

Trans fats are a type of fat that has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer. And unfortunately, they are commonly found in some of our favourite processed foods, such as fried foods, cakes and biscuits.  By eating foods high in trans fats, you can increase your bad cholesterol levels, and put yourself at risk of developing a number of serious health conditions.

4) It's High in Sodium

Salt is added to many junk foods to give them a more intense flavour. But this can be bad news for your health, as a high sodium intake has been linked to a number of problems. For example, it can increase your blood pressure and put you at risk of developing hypertension, as well as potentially leading to bloating and water retention.  

5) Junk Food Can Lead to Unhealthy Eating Habits

When you eat junk food regularly, it can lead to unhealthy eating habits. This means that you might be more likely to make unhealthy choices when it comes to food, and less likely to include nutrient-dense options in your diet. See, when your body becomes used to eating junk food all the time, it can become a habit. And unfortunately, this can be hard to break.   

6) It Can Lead to Weight Gain

Due to the high levels of fat, sugar and calories that junk food contains, it can be very easy to overeat. And when you do this regularly, you can gain unhealthy amounts of weight. This is because when you eat more calories than your body needs, the excess calories are stored as fat. And this can lead to obesity, which carries a number of serious health risks.   

The Bottom Line

Junk food may be tasty and seem like a good way to satisfy your cravings. However it is important to remember that it can have a negative effect on your health. Therefore, if you want to stay healthy and fit, it's best to cut back or stop eating junk food completely.  So don't be afraid to say no to junk food and start making healthier food choices! Your body will thank you for it. Looking for some healthy, flavourful options instead? We’ve got you covered! Click here to check out the Sõl Kitchen menu, and drop by for a bite today.

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