Sõl Kitchen began nearly 7 years ago when Silann coaxed two friends to help her do a pop-up lunch at the Collingwood Food Co-op. It was a hit! She was chosen to sublet the little kitchen space in the co-op. Over the next 2 years she grew a loyal following for her cooking and the hospitality of her Kitchen. Deciding to make the move to the current Hurontario Street location gave her the opportunity to create a space of her own; filled with light, great people, wonderful art and delicious food.
Placing great value on quality, local products and a fresh, unique voice, Sõl echoes all that this amazing community offers!


Silann Kaduc has loved cooking and baking since she’s been a little girl.

From a young age, her parents taught the importance of choosing real flavours over processed foods that has instilled in her the understanding that to make quality food you need to start with quality ingredients.

At 25 she opened Rain Tree Café in Waterloo, Ontario. A restaurant and live music venue showcasing local art work.

After selling Rain Tree and moving to Collingwood in 2003, she became a part of the vibrant local arts scene with her pottery and glasswork creations under the labels Gazelle Earthworks and Urban Nomad travel mugs. Silann loves that Sol has become a part of the dynamic & creative community that makes Collingwood such a wonderful place to live!