February 13, 2022Sõl Kitchen
3 At-home Fun Valentine’s Day Treats for Your Family

While Valentine’s Day often conjures up images of romantic date nights and overpriced boxes of chocolate, it’s not always the reality for a lot of families. Once you add kids into the mix, Valentine’s Day becomes less about romance and more about celebrating your love as a family. And you know what? Sometimes that can be even better than those more intimate affairs! If you’re looking for something to do with the family this Valentine’s Day, you could always try making some treats at home. Not only will they be delicious and less expensive than the ones you can get at the store, but they’re also easy enough so even your youngest members can join in on the festivities. Best of all? They’re fun! Here are 3 at-home fun Valentine’s Day treats for your family.

Easy Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark

If you haven’t made chocolate bark before, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to try this simple, delicious treat. This Easy Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark recipe uses two layers of melted chocolate, one white and the other milk, for an especially tasty combination. Now, you may have to do the melting, but you can grab the kids for the decorations! The whole family can pick out some sprinkles, candy, and whatever else they like to decorate the bark. Just be sure to press everything into the chocolate so it sticks. After you’re done decorating, just pop it into the fridge to harden. Once it’s firm enough, you can break it apart and enjoy!

Valentine’s Marshmallow Pops

Kids typically love marshmallows and lollipops, so why not put them together? These Valentine’s Marshmallow Pops are so easy to make that you may even consider preparing enough for your kid’s whole class! All you really need is a bag of strawberry marshmallows (or regular ones, really), some melting chocolate, sprinkles, and lollipop sticks. Oh, and don’t forget the bags if you’re sending them to school! As you’re melting the chocolate, get your other family members to push sticks into the marshmallows. Once you’re all done, simply dip the marshmallows into the melted chocolate and add your sprinkles of choice. Finally, put the finished product stick-down into a mug and let the chocolate set in the fridge. You’re done!

Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

A lot of the classic chocolates and treats that come out around Valentine’s Day don’t exactly cater to vegans, so these Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes may be a nice treat for the whole family! They basically contain all the classic cupcake ingredients, just without any eggs or dairy. Simply combine the dry ingredients, add the wet, and spoon the mixture into some muffin tins. Now just pop them in the oven for about 25 minutes, and you have your cupcakes! Now for the fun part: the toppings. Some vegan-friendly decorating ideas include vegan chocolate chips, vegan frosting, and sprinkles (most are naturally vegan). If you want to make them more Valentine’s Day-themed, consider mixing some white frosting with red food coloring to make pink frosting. You can also grab some red, pink, and white sprinkles, or whatever else your family enjoys. Just make sure your kids don’t eat all the decorations before you’ve finished the cupcakes!   Looking to treat your family to a special dinner as well on Valentine’s Day? Check out our menu at Sõl Kitchen and consider dropping by today!

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